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An archive of bagpipe music I have composed for bagpipes, available in a downloadable PDF book. The music in this work is original, save for a few arrangements of tunes that were fun to do, and fun to play. You can find out more about my other projects at:

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Project Completion 53%

This archive is a work in progress.


Edition 3 Status Update

The next batch of 35 tunes has been typeset. Unfortunately, a few events have derailed my planned recording schedule. I would rather release the next batch of 35 tunes with recordings, as many people don't read music well or easily. The recordings are on the to do list. :)

Edition 2

Edition 2, released on 20th April 2020, includes 40 scores representing approximately 40% of the backlog of tunes waiting to be typeset and recorded. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is likely that the backlog will be cleared over the next few months, bringing the archive up to date.


Most of the audio can be downloaded directly to your computer or phone wherever you see the download icon in the audio player.

Music for bagpipe jig tunes

All audio is for personal use only and cannot be included in any other works, remixes, or samples. All rights reserved.

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Slow Airs


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This work, unless stated otherwise in any part thereof, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Tune Index

Second Edition (April 2020)

Acrobat, The
Betwixt and Between
Bohemian Piper
Coondoo Street
Crusts of Salt
Mareeba Man
Pocketful of Dollars
Red Thunder
Tourist, The
Victoria Street

Bear and The Bee, The
Derek The Peacock
Down The Souk Market
Kick The Peever
Little Jammy Fingers
Roxy MacLean's Jig
Skelpit Heid
Two Shots of Black

Barefoot Through Brisbane
Barefoot Through Brisbane (+ harmony)
Blair Stewart
Castles in the Sky
Doug Lawrie
Drums of Independence
Eimeo Creek
Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, The
Great Muster, The
Hills of Caravonica, The
Hugh Goldie's Farewell to Port Douglas
Kangaroo Point
Lights of The Story Bridge
Wee Callum Graham

Amazing Grace 140º

Baila Conmigo
Fannie Korminski
Kinlodden House
Roxy MacLean
Skipping Path, The

Slow Airs
Amazing Grace (3 part harmony)
Jessie Martin's Air


First edition. 14 scores.

Second edition released. 40 scores. First edition scores re-typeset to match new layout format. Front cover added. Outline style table of contents added.


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